Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Acrylic stamp

 Acrylic stamp is so popular in cardmaking and stamping projects. It also called as 'clear stamp' as it's completely transparent.

To use, the stamps are simply removed from the protective backing and attached to the 'special' acrylic block. The stamps are then dabbed with ink and used as normal.

I made lots of purchase of clear stamps recently, as they're so irresistible. Just couldn't help myself.

I'd posted some of my new collections. Enjoy browsing...


There are many benefits of clear stamps,

some of them include :

Cost – clear stamps are often cheaper than traditional rubber stamps
Ease of Use – the stamps can be used immediately with a single acrylic block without having to mount or prepare the stamps in any way.
Accurate Stamping – as it's transparent mean that it is easy to accurately place stamps
Storage – clear stamps are simple to store and do not take up much room.

HAPPY HAPPY STAMPING  then..........


  1. Can I use this for my essay writers site? Thanks! :)

  2. @ Bens- D u mean u're interested of buying stamps or post the pic of these stamps 'only' ?


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