Thursday, October 14, 2010

Name Board Hanger

A friend of mine asked me to make easy DIY craft pack for her kids.  Party gift pack for her daughter's friends. Since they're only 6 years old.  The craft project has to be easy to follow.

I make this 'Name Board' Hanger.   Can hang in their room, shelves, or favorite places.  It's nice to have them put their names on it ( photos are great too ..).  Since it's for kids, we choose bright 'red' color (suit boys & girls). For summer and energetic feel, we use Yellow & Orange Foam Alphabets.
Hope she likes it.

DIY pack are available in store


DIY Pack contains

Here's how we did it ...

Really simple.  Hope you like it as well

*   Special discounts will be given for schools, wholesaler and bulk purchases.

** Custom made is available.

Please email for further enquires.

Have a great day!

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