Sunday, March 27, 2011

Baby "Mini Shirt" Cards

Hi there blogger,

Just a quick sharing that i made for my bestie.. cute baby mini card ...
She's having a baby girl ..  so, pink will be my choice ...

Materials needed to make this card:
* 2 cardstocks
    ( i use glitter pink pearl for the background & soft pink for the front shirt)
* Grosgrain ribbon - Pink Polka w/ white dot  (can be found HERE)
* Little flower pack - White & Pink ( can be found HERE )
   (ps : i use the smallest part of white bloom)
* Pearl Sticker - PINK ( can be found HERE )

Then, i made another 1 for baby boy as well .. 
Materials same as above, only the cardstock is sky blue and the grosgrain ribbon is POLKA BLUE

and these "ready" handmade cards are available in store now ...

Handmade with joy & love.

Hope you like these !


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