Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Decorative square tin

People always love free gift, no matter it's small or big.  I collect lots of container as a free gift. A few months back, i had free tin from Lipton Tea. I used it to store my ribbons and beads. But then, i found it too commercial, i want mine to be more personalised, more like my style, so i decided to wrap it up.

Here, i let you see how it look before wrapped   

And this is affter the wrapping

I  use yellow polka dot felt cloth to wrap the side of the tin. After that, for the top of it, i glued lace around the corner. Then top up with the same pattern of the felt cloth.

 I like to use felt cloth for my design. It's more thick than fabric, but also more softer than card or paper. Wallpaper is also a good alternative.

How do you like my design ? 
Feel free to give any comment.

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