Thursday, November 26, 2009

minnie mouse

My daughter loves Minnie Mouse so much... so, when i got a great picture of it, i put it into a DIY decorative frame. Here is what i did to the picture :

As the photo size is far smaller than the frame, i add another card to make dimension for the background. So it look larger than the original size. For the left and right side of the pic, i add doily (decorative lacy mat that's put on plate under food to display attractively).

                                                                   For the upper left corner, i add decorative ribbon, top up with felt cloth flower and brads at the center to fasten the photo with the background.

For the bottom frame, i use 3D stickers ( i love bubble stickers so much..hehe...) on the top of lace ribbon and deco ribbon. Lastly, i put it into a frame.

Like it ?  You can start decorate your own photo today.
I'll be doing some craft findings for all craft lovers. In the near future, you can visit my e-store for the decorative embellishment to beautify your art & craft projects.

Come back frequently to check it out. Have a good day !!!

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  1. COMING SOON !!!
    Great embellishments and papercraft materials are on the way....

    Keep check it out, fren !!!!


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