Monday, October 10, 2011

Butterfly Gift Boxes ..

Got custom order for baby's full moon packaging... 
This new mom likes our Butterfly Gift Box .. to fill up some candies and cookies for their baby's full moon party ...
Great for wedding, birthday, and other themes ... ^_^
Available in other colors as well ..

Usually, we accept custom order at least 3 weeks in advance..
But, since it's their first baby.. and they want to make it special.. so, we decided to accept this order ..
That means.. have to get done in less than a week  (4 days exactly).. omy.. can we do that ?
For 50's handmade boxes ... (with production made by me only..)

We pride of our service ... so, when promise is made .. we have the responsibility to get them done and pretty nice too ... ^_^ 

Starts to make all parts done before assembly ...
Must hurry..

All cut, embossed and embellished with ribbon and lace ..
then put in the container for easy assembly process ...

Ribbons are cut in same length and tied with our best seller mini rose

These are the 'most' time consuming parts..
as they're handmade.. all are one by one measured, cut, score and trim..
lastly, put our logo at the centre ..

After all done... fun parts begin.. assembly..
Finally .. presenting 50's handmade gift boxes ..

Can't believe they're lovely done in such a short time..  ^_^

We'd printed name tags for this new parents as complimentary ..
Hope they like these !

We love to do custom order ..
But, please allow 3-5 weeks in advance , so we may have sufficient time to prepare things ahead ..
Feel free to drop me an email for further question or custom orders ..
We're so glad to help ...  ^_^

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  1. It's lovely, how much would something like this cost and what is the size?. Pls e mail me at TQ.


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