Thursday, October 6, 2011

Happy Children's Day !

My son's school is having celebration for Children's Day ..
Usually, we will prepare some light snacks for kids ..
But their teacher told us that there are huge supply of foods..

So.. i'm thinking of packing some simple craft kits ..
But since they're still little kids.. can't do too much complicated kits..

Know they're such a huge fans of "Angry Birds".. so, i prepared some coloring pages and mini bookmark kit.. all packed in individual ziplock bags for 35 students ...
My son are so happy and help me a lot ...
You may find lots of printable from Squidoo

Here's mini bookmark made by my 4 years old daughter ..
(yea.. she loves to have the same kits as her brother.. ^_^ )

How are your kids celebrating their Children's Day ?
As long as they're happy... that's the most important thing ..

Happy Day !

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