Saturday, February 20, 2010

CNY cards (aka Ang Pow's cover )

Hi there,

We're still celebrating Chinese New Year...

There is tradition where we give red packet (Ang Pow) to people for their blessing and good luck.

The Red Packet, 红包 (Hong bao, ang pow) is a rectangle envelope used for holding money as gifts during auspicious occasions. Red packets are usually red with auspicious characters, designs or symbols although gold colored red packets are also popular. Some red packets are in different shades of red and even pink.

In this occasion, i'd made 2 Ang Pow's cover with CNY greeting as well..for my -in laws,,,

Above two are the CNY greetings or the cover..and below two are the red packets (Ang Pow)..

Another one is...

GONG XI FA CAI !!  ^_^

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